These digital campaigns for the Van Abbemuseum features multiple small websites which are designed to be spread from person to person.

Every website is designed by using existing internet services such as Instagram and Twitter as design tools.

Confessions of the Imperfect – All the Minutes

shim →

We developed a Twitter clock for the main invitation website of Confessions of the Imperfect.

When you visit the website, you are presented with tweets talking about the current hour and minute of the day. Like a movie trailer, the tweets are interspersed by the exhibition title and participating artists.

The Twitter clock concept was later presented on its own dedicated website: All the Minutes subsequently went viral, generating over half a million unique visitors for the campaign.

Confessions of the Imperfect – Professional Video Representatives

shim →

For the save the date website of Confessions of the Imperfect, we made use of professional video representatives who offer their services on the online marketplace

We asked them to speak parts of the invitation text and compiled these fragments into a video which was both embedded on the website and shown directly on Facebook.

Hito Steyerl

shim →

The main website for Hito Steyerl's campaign automatically researches the text in the invitation in Wikipedia.

Hito Steyerl – Reminder

shim →

In the background of the reminder website, the physical addresses of large internet websites are looked up on Google Maps. Their distance to the Van Abbemuseum is displayed in the foreground.

Hito Steyerl – Discussion

shim →

For the announcement website of a day of discussions surrounding Hito Steyerl's latest movie, we collected a series of movies on Youtube that contain green screen backgrounds.

The green screen movies are embedded in the background and play at random.


Jonathan Puckey & Moniker
Jonathan Puckey,
Ingo Lemper & Moniker
Jonathan Puckey & Moniker